Hiring Part Time & Full Time EMT's
By EMS Chief Scott Thornton
May 31, 2022

The Washington Hose Company No.1 is accepting applications for EMT's

We are looking to hire 4 to 6 Part Time EMT's, and 2 Full Time EMT's.

Shifts are: 7a to 7p, 6a to 6p, 6p to 6a, 7p to 7a, 7p to 11p, 11p to 7a.

Position Requirements:
Age: Must be at least 21 years of age (for driving)
Education: High School Graduate or equivalent
Certifications: PA EMT, EVOC, EMSVO, Hazmat Awareness, NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800, HFCPR
1 year of verifiable 911 experience preferred.
Knowledge of EMSCharts charting system preferred.
All CPL backgrounds completed.
Three references.

Full Time Benefits:
Short/Long Term Disability Coverage
AD&D Coverage
Life Insurance
401k (also for Part Time staff)
Paid Time Off
Part Time: $16.00 per hour (after 30 day orientation)
Full Time: $17.00 per hour (after 30 day orientation)
Other Requirements:
Applicant must have current knowledge of medical and trauma assessments, treatment and protocols. Applicant must be able to handle situations in a professional manner. Applicant must also be able to work and handle conflicts in a professional manner. Applicant must have good communication, and writing skills. Have the ability to work various shifts, weekends, nights, holidays and or special events.

Please send your resume to EMS Chief Scott Thornton via e-mail to ems_chief@whcems.org